Mattia Zago


Cybersecurity Engineer
Ph.D. in Computer Science

Full Name

Dr. Eng. Mattia Zago, Ph.D.


B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.


Verona, Italy


Head of Research and Innovation @ Monokee


I hold a Ph.D. in cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Murcia in Spain. I have achieved the Engineering title and I have been registered as Engineer in Verona since 2017, where, since 2022 I have acted as Council Member with a special delegation for Digital Transition and Cybersecurity. My current focus is on digital identity and innovative solutions for hybrid federated and decentralized approaches for Web 3.0 identities. Since summer of 2023 I am leading the innovation efforts for Monokee.
My research focused on Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity; specifically, I've been working on i) machine learning solutions for network intrusion detection systems, ii) using big data and sentiment analysis to identify social bots on social media platforms, and iii) anomaly detection in users' behavioral patterns for authentication and authorization purposes.
I also have provable 5+ years of experience as a private technical consultant. I've worked as an IT consultant (sysadmin and DevOps), data scientist, and cybersecurity engineer. I am a lead auditor for ISO/IEC 27001.

Curriculum Vitae

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Bachelor Degree in Bioinformatics

University of Verona, Italy

Master Degree in C.S. and Engineering

University of Verona, Italy

Engineer Certification

Ordine degli Ingegneri di Verona - N° 4783

Ph.D. in Computer Science

University of Murcia, Spain